Welcome to my blog! The purpose of this blog is to educate the Christian about the reliability of the Bible. It is the duty of every Christian to make sure that they know what they believe and why. Too many people don't know, apart from, "because the Bible tells me so." Not having the answers can turn many people away from Christ. Here, you will find many interesting facts related to Bible history, chronology, archaeology, etc, that I hope will equip you to reach out to others, while knowing the answers to the critical questions that are asked that really do demand an answer. The Bible commands us to “always be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in us."

Here are the rules of this blog:
1) Feel free to leave comments, but all disrespectful comments will be removed. This includes rude comments about the author or the persons presented in this blog (see point 2 below). I retain this right, and any negative comments about my decisions will be promptly deleted. (Exceptions, of course, are if you feel that your comment has been unjustly deleted -- I will consider it -- or if I accidently delete a comment.)

2) The views presented in this blog are the views of the blogger, as well as those of the ones being quoted (Keep in mind that sometimes opposing views will be presented.). For this reason, please do not leave any “debates” in the comments. You are welcome to add to the discussion if you have something to say that supports what has been presented, but please, no Bible bashing, name-calling, or rude comments. I want to keep this a viewer-friendly blog.

3) In the past, I have posted comments from those who disagree with my point of view. I do this because I hope to have a "discussion" -- NOT a debate. If you disagree with my responses to your comments and do not wish to discuss in a civilized manner (you prefer a good debate), this is not the place for you; please kindly go elsewhere or else see point 2 above and change accordingly.

4) If you post external links, particularly those that are anti-Christian, you risk your comment being promptly rejected.

5) You are free to copy any information presented on this blog if you obtain permission from the author first. And please reference this blog when you use our material.

6) You are free to link to this blog. If you wish for me to link to your blog, please contact me, and I will consider the request.

7) If you have a question about anything I have written, you can leave a comment, and I will help as best as I can. If you have a question about something not presented on this blog, or something that you would like to see, you can contact me. (However, please be aware that spam is NOT tollerated and will be promptly deleted.)

With these rules in mind, I hope we can have a good discussion about the reliability of the Bible, while keeping a very friendly atmosphere. It is my prayer that what you read here will inspire, encourage, and strengthen you in your faith.


  1. Miss Szymanski,
    This is so interesting and informative! I love it! Keep up the good work!

  2. Looks like a nice blog you've got over here. I'll be back to check it out more later. Thanks for the nice comments at the Old Geezer's Blog.


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