Ministry Needs Help!

Creation Science Evangelism is on the verge of property seizure by the government if they do not pay a non-tax related fine by September 15! The property to be seized includes the homes of three families who work at the ministry. This ministry has helped many to step out of evolution by exposing the lies in the textbooks and by providing scientific facts to support Creation. Many lives have been touched, encouraged, and impacted through this ministry (myself included) which "evangelizes using Creation Science." Watch this video to learn more about the ministry and how you can support them. You can also check out Eric Hovind's blog. Disclaimer: Please note that I never endorse giving to any organization/ministry unless I firmly believe in it's (in this case, jeopardized) cause. If you are unable to give, please pray for this ministry.


  1. Oh no!!!!! I'm going right over to see the video. Thx for this information.

    P.S. THOSE JERKS who want to take this all away!! GRRRRRR


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