Inspiring Story: Reckless Faith

Beth Guckenberger, a missionary to Mexico, describes how she and her husband reach out to Mexican orphans with the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how this has inspired her book Reckless Faith... And this is a particular story that Beth shared which I found very inspiring; it gives new meaning to the phrase "childlike faith," and it is so neat to see how God orchestrates things... For More Inspiring Story Paricipants, check out the following blogs: As In A Mirror Jay's Music Blog


  1. Grins! I never get tired of hearing how God orchestrates things! God bless those folks who help the orphans.

  2. That is awesome! I really like what Beth is doing in Mexico. I think it is so cool that people would make their lifetime goal to help the orphans! And what an awesome testimony from Joel! God really does care for each and every one of us, doesn't He?


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