Replacing "Under God" with WHAT?

Many of you know about the ongoing battle to remove the phrase "Under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. In this short, hilarious video, comedian Rich Prator says, "What are they going to replace it with?" He gives his own suggestion: evolution. Most of you know how I feel about evolution, so this pretty much sums it up! In my opinion, it is hilarious because it is so true! Enjoy!


If this purposed amended version of the Pledge of Allegiance is ever excepted, I wonder if it will make the students stop and think about what they are being taught in school -- "Do I actually believe that I evolved from slime? Did all of this really just happen by chance?" But of course not! We don't want the students to actually think... the horror! There goes that idea! Hmmmm...


  1. This is GREAT!!! If they go with his version, maybe it'll stop people from saying the pledge at all!

    Instead, we could just swear our allegiance to King Jesus!!!

  2. Ha! Excellent clip, point well taken! (Not to mention, exceedingly true and just!)

    It's relieving to snicker a little about the issue, it certainly helps the tension after battling this sort of drivel in the media and the public forum day after day. I addressed this issue last year, albeit on a much more serious note. If you are interested in reading it, as you seem to have some interest in the issue, it's here:

    This very, very basic logic, that our form of government presupposes belief in God (even if individuals in the nation should but do not adore or obey Him) is absolutely critical to any argument against secular humanism as our "national religion." The smallest schoolchild should be made aware of this (as well as the highest Court in the land, as they seem to have forgotten it). While I never admired the Pledge of Allegiance (I'd rather see a pledge to our Creator who has endowed us with these certain inalienable rights), there seems to be a desire from some to preserve it, because it does mention God.

    I apologize for rambling; the brevity of the situation can be burdensome sometimes. I suppose I need to watch the video clip again! Thanks for posting it, it is excellent.

  3. Oh man, that is so terrible, and yet so true! lol

  4. How about "One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all"? It served us well during WWII and God did not seem to mind.

    Moreover, note that between the Declaration of Independence and the adoption of the Constitution, various states limited voting and holding elected office to Christians. When our Founders drew these individual states together to form the republic (via the constitution) they did NOT include such rules. It is therefore hard to argue that the word "religion" in the First Amendment means in fact just the Christian subset of "religion". Consequently, while many of the Founder were ardent believers, the constitution puts religious liberty for all above the favoritism of Judeo-Christian monotheism. Yet the words "under God" establish that very faith in our national pledge. Tsk Tsk. We hae no business teaching constitutional principles and religious liberty overseas until embracing it at home.

  5. That was great! Sure makes the point, doesn't he?

    The Freaky Frugalite sent me.

  6. Completely true! If they are going to take out "under God", then I suggest they replace it with what Rich Praytor says. I agree with Jean- Maybe they will rethink taking out "under God" after all!


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