“‘Twas The Night After Christmas”

... no, not today; that was Saturday. The Christmas season is officially over... but my good friend, Alice, was bemoaning the fact that no has written a poem about the day after Christmas. I wasn't planning on it, but I decided to take up the challenge. I'm not a professional poet, but I thought I'd give it a try. For many of us, the day after Christmas is either filled with returns or deal hunting. (Although I normally brave the crowds, this year I preferred to stay home.) We call it the day after Christmas, but our calandars label it "Boxing Day." This is the day when the Canadians (and some others) open all the boxed gifts (Christmas). Comedian Brad Stein joked that the day gets its name because "'I'd like to return the fruitcake.' 'We don't take it!' POW! Happy Boxing Day!" :D Anyway, that should be enough of an introduction to my poem. So here is one last taste of the season before it goes into hybernation for another year. This is for you, Alice. ;) Without further ado, I give you "'Twas the Night After Christmas." Enjoy!
"'Twas the Night After Christmas"
By Miss Szymanski
Copyright 2009. All rights reserved
'Twas the night after Christmas Not a soul was asleep Traffic was heavy and there were many a beep Ungrateful souls with returns lined the stores Exchanging what had been given the night before Some were successful while others were not Some were beaming and others red hot Some even threw a fist in the air Some complained that lines were not fair Fighting for a return or for a good deal These folks make my brain turn on its wheels! How can someone be so unhappy with a gift That they could so easily throw a big fit? Amid all the noise some were like me To return gifts they did not foresee; They simply wanted to get some good deals That is when one would hear all the squeals Of delight for the deals that they would soon find Lining the aisles were items of every kind! Thankful we are as we head home with our stash And it only cost a small amount of cash! Some may stay home and enjoy their gifts The blessings of Christmas their spirits lift But the best gift of all God alone gave His Son came and died and rose from the grave Our burden He carried, our debt He paid He came so that each one through Him could be saved He purchased our freedom - and still there is more! None of this could have come from the store! Our Savior has put the devil to flight! Happy "Boxing Day" to all and to all a good night!


  1. LOL! I love it! That was SO creative! I am impressed, as well as thrilled! (BTW, I heard Brad Stine say that about Boxing Day!) Well thank you so much; now I know that there is a poem called about the Night After Christmas, and you even got a copyright! ;)

  2. Nice work! It was fun helping you out there, but you did most of it yourself. Very impressive! :D

  3. Hee hee! That is a good one! There were many a beep!

  4. *Blushing* Awww... thank you so much, everyone! You're an awesome group of people, and I'm very pleased to know you. Special thanks goes out to Jay for inspiring the last stanza of this poem, and for contributing his editing skills. :D


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