Little Green Men Did It!

Lately, I have neglected to focus on the apologetics aspect of this blog. I promise that more is coming soon; I have a lot of ideas going through my head right now, but I just need to put them onto paper. I apologize if any of my readers have been waiting for more on this topic, and I thank you for your patience. In the meantime, I wanted to share a portion of an essay that I wrote on the Resurrection of Jesus (my favorite topic of discussion).


In recent years, a popular theory has begun to gain acceptance by some skeptics of Christianity: extra terrestrials raised Jesus from the dead! This is in an effort to discredit a supernatural occurence and shift it to a natural one. Therefore, aliens resurrected Jesus!

Sound credible? Well, here are a few things to think about: First, apparently the disciples did not think that aliens had done this. They knew the prophecies, and the Scriptures say that after Jesus was raised from the dead, they "remembered the Scripture" that He would rise from the dead, and Luke 24:27 states, "And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself." It is further evident that the disciples firmly believed that God raised Jesus from the dead, not only from their teachings, but also from their willingness to die for Christ.

Those who claim that aliens were the cause for Jesus' resurrection also have to answer this question: flying saucer-technology did not exist in ancient times! How could the aliens transport Jesus from ancient Palestine to another world without their spacecraft? Furthermore, where would they take Jesus? Transporting Him to another planet would not be plausible, because life cannot exist anywhere else but planet Earth. If they did not take Him to another planet, taking Him to a destitute place would only cause more problems; this would be assuming that Jesus lived for who-knows-how-long, after His supposed death and Resurrection, in seclusion for the rest of His life. Wouldn't that make Him a coward? He's too afraid to admit that He is still living, that He really did not go to the Father (and therefore is not Who He claimed to be), because He was "naturally" raised from the dead. And we are to believe that the disciples died for this? I think not!

But there is one more point, and this is the most crucial: those who claim that aliens raised Christ naturally from the dead, in an effort to dismiss the supernatural, must realize that they are not getting rid of the supernatural by believing in aliens! "No one has seen God, so why believe in Him?" they say. But no one has seen aliens, either! It's the same concept. People may claim that they've seen aliens, but there is never any proof left behind. Those who claimed that they saw Jesus had all the proof that they would ever need -- He ate with them, talked with them, and they were even able to touch Him to verify that He was not a ghost! Even today, there is much proof of Jesus' Resurrection. I'm sure there is more evidence against this theory that I haven't included here; however, all of the evidence shows that the Extra-terrestrial theory is not plausible, and all of the evidence points in favor of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

No, ladies and gentlemen, Jesus did not get carried away to another galaxy far away by some little green men... He is RISEN!

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  1. Haha! Excellent point about the supernatural. Really, I do think that most everything you post about has SOMETHING to do with apologetics, cuz it is the evidence of Christ in us!

  2. EXTRA.... TERRESTRIALS... ?!?!?! Raised Christ??

    *pounds table*

    OMG that is so hilarious!!!

    *falls off chair*
    *dissolves into puddles of hilarity*


  3. That is sooo good, Miss S! I love that last point a lot. Good detective work! :D

  4. Wow. Aliens. That's a new one. And people call Christians the ones with blind faith.

    Another point: if aliens exist and raised Christ, and built the pyramids, and seeded the Earth with life that evolved into us, and yadda yadda yadda....who created the aliens???

    Nice blog. =)

  5. SB,

    Thanks for adding to the discussion. That is an amusingly excellent point, yet it is so true. The same holds true for much of the evolutionary theory, but that is a story for another time. Thanks for stopping by.

    By the way, I was justing looking at your blog; I'll have to bookmark it -- it's great!

    Come back anytime. :D


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