Story Challenge Update 2

Wow! It's been a while since I wrote about the Story Challenge. The past few days, I've had some time to work on it, but I don't have a name for it yet. I hope it doesn't come across as too "spiritual" or too typical -- I do make the main character pray a lot, but that is one of the main themes of the story; it is an important aspect of my own life as well. Let me know what you think of it so far...


It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. The first rays of sun shone through the window, awakening Natalie from her dreams. Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she gazed out the window; what a beautiful scene she saw! It was going to be a good day.

Natalie was a blond-haired blued-eyed girl about 5'3" with a vibrant personality. Her happy attitude seemed to be contagious to those around her, and she had a knack for making people feel better about themselves.

After showering, she dressed in a black dress shirt and a matching skirt which dangled just below her knees. She brushed her hair then glanced at the clock. It was almost time to leave for work. She had recently obtained a job as a nurse at a local medical home after two years of training. Now, they were letting her have a "hands on" experience. But before she left the house, she knelt down beside the bed in her room and prayed: "Lord, I don't know what this day will bring, but I pray you would use me. You know I'm willing. I may have only one, seemingly insignificant life, but I pray that you would use me today. I commit this day to You, and I place my trust in You. Amen." She grabbed her purse, put on her suit jacket to complete her outfit, and headed out the door. She had no idea of the surprise that awaited her at the medical home!

"Hey, Natalie," a co-worker named Bob greeted her as she walked into the center, "The boss wants to see you in his office." "That's unusual isn't it, Bob?" Natalie inquired. "Mr. Numen never asks to see me." "Well, he trusts you, that's for sure. I wouldn't get too worried about it," Bob offered. "Thanks, anyway," Natalie replied rather weakly as she spun toward the direction of the office. She let out a low sigh. "I hope it's nothing serious," she said under her breath. As she walked down the little hall which led to the executive office, she paid no attention to the doctors and nurses that buzzed around her, in and out of the medical rooms. Her mind was too distracted... "But what if I'm fired? I like helping people here; what if they give me a different assignment. I don't think Mr. Neuman would do that to me; he trusts me, right? But what if..." Then she stopped herself. "Wait. Where did these thoughts come from? I just prayed that the Lord would direct my day. Do I really believe it, or not?" she chided herself. She walked on as she pondered this for a minute. But just before opening the office door, she prayed, "Lord, each day I pray that you would direct my steps. I don't know what I will learn behind this door, but I thank You that You are guiding my every step. I am following You -- no matter what happens. Thank you for being with Me; thank You for favor." And with that, Natalie opened the door...


  1. Wow! This is really good! I love the way it's building already; the message is SO relevant. I can't wait to read the rest :D

  2. I like it a lot! Can't wait to read the next part! :D

  3. LOVE it, Miss S! Love the ways you described summer... I want summer!! :D


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