Inspiring Story: God's Word for the Nations

Recently, a magazine came in the mail, entiltled "My Father's World." Being a bit interested, I opened it up and began to flip through it. I discovered that it was a magazine for ordering Christian children's books, including homeschool material. I also discovered that a Christian woman named Marie Hazell was formerly a kindergarten teacher who wanted to make her own Christian ciriculum for children; therefore, she founded "My Father's World." She and her husband were formerly missionaries to Russia, who lived there for eight years while they translated the Bible into 70 minority languages. Their ministry of Bible translation is called "God's Word for the Nations," and it continues even now. Here is a story that I found in the magazine; it reminded me of the impact that the Jesus Film Project is having across the globe. I would like to share it for this week's Inspiring Story. Enjoy! "My mother was a devout Christian and went regularly to church in the village where we lived, but she always came home very disappointed. With a deep sigh she used to say, 'How I would like to understand what the pastor says in church, and how I would like to read the Bible in my language!' My mother knew only Khakas and very little Russian. I was a teenager at the time, and I felt so sorry for her. She used to come to me with her Russian Bible and I tried to help her translate passages into Khakas. For 40 years my mother prayed that the Bible would be translated into Khakas. "One day we heard that some foreigners had come to our village intending to translate the Bible into Khakas. When my mother heard this she said, 'God's people have come to help me.' My mother was still alive when the first Gospels were published. She read the new translation and said, 'It is good, so clear! God speaks to me in Khakas!' Her prayers had been answered and her joy was complete. My mother was 82 years old when she died."


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