Free Archeological E-books!

Okay, so I promised Rebecca that I would post about archeaology... sooo, for now, I have a bunch of free e-books to tell you all about! Biblical Archeology Review has free e-books!!!!! The one that caught my attention was "Israel: An Archeaological Review." The book is described as follows: "illuminates this most sacred of destinations using recent archaeological research. As the point where three of the world’s major religions converge, Israel’s history is one of the richest and most complex in the world. This free collection of articles, written by scholars who have first-hand knowledge of their subjects, sifts through the archaeology and history of this ancient land, and presents a view of these Biblically-significant sites through an archaeologist’s lens." But that is not all -- BAR is offering a whole slew of other free e-books, such as "Easter: Exploring the Resurrection of Jesus," "The Burial of Jesus," and "The Dead Sea Scrolls—What They Really Say." I am SOOO excited about this! Get your free e-books today! :)


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