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There are things you learn as you go...

Since the (almost) two years that I've maintained this blog, I've met a lot of people -- some Christian, some non-Christian. Many times, people are inspired by my posts. Other times, people disagree. Therefore, I felt that I must clarify/redefine my blog rules. My intention is not to sound harsh or mean, but my goal here is 1) to be the best witness I can for Christ, 2) to inspire people, and 3) to defend the Christian faith. If people disagree with me, that doesn't bother me (everyone is entitled to his own opinion), but I want people to know where I stand. Sometimes people sneak around, look at the blog rules, and then post a nasty comment; others comment and when I don't publish their comment right away, they comment under "anonymous." This will no longer be allowed on this blog (though I do appreciate anonymous comments, except in this instance)! You can read the blog rules  for more information.

On another note -- Many people have been finding my blog by searching for "Kent Hovind update." If this is what you are looking for, you can find all the latest legal information here. On Dr. Hovind's blog, you can also find out more about what Kent Hovind spends his time doing while in prison. I encourage you to check it out!


  1. *thumbs up*

    Kent Hovind and his wife have been on my heart for about two weeks now.

    I really liked his Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh. I pray they are doing OK.

    As for you, keep up the great work, and don't let the hecklers interrupt your joy!

  2. Kent Hovind has so blessed my sons. They did a road trip across Canada and around the U.S.A. and into Mexico. They stopped in at Hovind's Dino Park and Kent graciously took my boys and others that were with him in. He fed them and they and gave them a place to sleep for 3 days. They were so impressed with their simply lifestyle and his heart for evangelism. I found my sons were so challenged that it made them bolder in witnessing. I'm so grateful how he impacted their lives and they are still going strong in the Lord and evangelism. They were able to discuss graciously with their evolutionary teachers and recieved a good response. I just am so grateful. Thank you from Canada


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