What Key Bible Stories Would Have Looked Like From Satellite

I just found this amazing article last night: 'God's eye view': Artist uses Google Earth images to recreate parting of Red Sea and Christ's crucifixion. Here is what it's all about:

An artist has recreated key scenes from the Bible such as Jesus's crucifixion and the parting of the Red Sea to show what they would have looked like from space.

The 'God's eye view' re-enacts moments including Noah's Ark in the floods and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden as seen from a satellite.

James Dive spent more than three months painstakingly researching the Biblical locations on Google Earth.

Apparently, he had to mix and match different places on earth to get just the right look...

'None of the images are entirely geographically accurate, as each contains a combination of a number of satellite photos merged together.

'But there are true elements such as the Red Sea in the Moses piece.'

Go check out the entire article to see all the pictures; they are simply amazing. But the one that I found to be the more so was this one:
What do you think? Isn't it simply awesome?


  1. Oh wow!!!! I have got to check out more photos. I love it when God's people use their gifts for Him. :D


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