Calling All My "Apologetics Lover" Friends!

Hey everybody! I have some apologetics new for y'all. Brian from Apologetics315 has a free e-book consisting of 23 essays on why Christianity is true. I encourage you to go download it! Also, I just discovered a new site called "Debate God" via Twitter. This is one of my favorite topics of discussion, so I was thrilled to see that they have a blog, forums, and much more for discussing whether or not you believe in God. I personally love to engage in such topics, because it's such a great opportunity to examine yourself -- why do you believe what you do? -- and also to learn about others beliefs and, hopefully, show them the soundness of Christianity. And thirdly, a group of top Christian apologists have recently launched a new website, the Library of Historical Apologetics, whose goal is to "be the world’s leading resource for lay apologists, pastors, students, and scholars seeking historical apologetics materials for self-study, church classes, sermon preparation, and research." So go check out these great resources for sharing your faith with the world! And be sure to let me know what you think about this great material!


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