Featured site: Tears To Joy Ministries

OK, this is a feature that I haven't done in a while. The point is that if I find a site -- containing some good apologetics material -- that I would like to feature on my blog, it becomes my "featured site." If you'd like to have your blog or site featured, just let me know.... and I am aware of several great sites which I shall feature soon, so sit tight! :D But on to today's featured site...

This year, I started a series called "Is Jesus God?" in which I show from the Scriptures that Jesus is indeed God. Many of these Scriptures incorporate the prophecies concerning the Messiah. You can see the first three of the series here (and I will be continuing it soon, I promise). Recently, I found a website that provides almost (if not) all of these Prophecies with Scriptural references so that you can dig into these matters for yourself: Is Jesus really God? Click here to get started, and don't forget to peruse other areas of the site; it contains some great information.


  1. Thank you for posting this, this can be used as a great in home Bible study.
    My friends and I used to do in home studies but want to start them up again.

    You are doing great work for God!


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