Food For Thought: Islam or Christianity?

Ever heard the saying, "Many (or All) roads lead to God"? With so many religions claiming to be the way, how can we know that Christianity is the right one? Apart from the Bible (which I do believe is the starting point; Jesus said, "I am the WAY..."), it helps to examine other religions. For example, by comparing them to Christianity and cross examining them in other ways based on evidence, we can determine who is right and who is wrong. Today, I'd like to present one piece of food for thought on Islam. Keep in mind that this is just ONE of many things I could point out (and probably will as time goes on)... Please also peruse any links, since they document the claims being presented.


When Christians say that the Bible is reliable, Muslims often say that the Bible is full of errors; therefore, it was necessary for God to bring forth a "second" revelation of Himself: The Qu'ran. There is much to be said about this. For example, if the Qu'ran is written six-hundred years after Jesus, why are we comparing it to the Bible? The Qu'ran is six-hundred years too late in providing any valuable information concerning Jesus!
In light of that, I wanted to post the following video in which Lee Strobel is asked the following: "What was so special about Jesus? My Muslim friend would say that Mohommad is equal to Jesus. Why are you convinced in the case for Christ?" I apologize in advance for the quality of the video.

Although the information presented in the video is very basic, it gets the point across. Which religion seems more plausible to you? The "five Es" mentioned by Lee are explained in great detail in the book The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus by Michael Licona and Gary Habermas. Next time, I'll talk about the Mormons' and Jehovah's Witnesses' beliefs as they pertain to the resurrection based on information from that book. Stay tuned!


  1. Great video. You should check out the most recent post on my personal blog where I shared a bit about Christianity vs. some of the other world religions out there.

  2. Good stuff... keep it coming!


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