Inspiring Story: A Second Chance at Love

It's about time this blog saw another Inspiring Story. (Last time, I missed it due to a day trip I took to PA; so I decided to wait until the next time it rolled around to post...) Here is a story that I saw a while back on CBN, and  I've been wanting to share it for a while. This is the amazing testimony of Clint and Penny Bragg and the one thing that nearly tore their marriage apart -- for 11 years. I hope you all enjoy!

Join me March 19-21 for the next installment of Inspiring Story, sharing testimonies of God's faithfulness through which He reveals Himself to us on a daily basis.


  1. Miss S,

    This was very good! Since you seem to enjoy a good love story, here's a link to a good one. It's part 1 and so far there are a total of 4 posts on this story. Check it out and let us know what you think:

    It's more interesting if you read the story in sequence. If you just go to and scroll down you can see them all.
    Thanks!! ~ D & S ~

  2. Thanks, Don&Shelly! Yes, I do enjoy a good love story now and then... I'll be sure to check it out! :)

  3. I shared this on my blog, thanks for posting!!

  4. Wow, that was so cool how he was ready to receive her when she came back in repentance!


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