Friday Apologetics Finds: Craig vs. Harris debate and Objective Truth

Here are this week's apologetics finds:

1) Yesterday evening, William Lane Craig debated Sam Harris on the topic "Is Good from God?"

Photo courtesy of Apologetics315

 Here are two reviews of the debate:

Wintery Knight's review of the debate:

Randyeverist's (Possible Worlds) review:

Listen to audio of the debate here:

2) Here is an awesome video that demonstrates the importance of objective truth in a humorous way:

That's all for now! Until next time, happy Friday!

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  1. Oh my gosh... that video is hysterical! I was laughing so hard tears were coming out of my eyes!!!!!! :D And it's TRUE... pun intended. :D

  2. Oo, sounds interesting! That's a great topic! And that is an awesome video!

  3. That's the best vid I've seen on tolerance. Boy, are my friends going to hear about this... :D


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