Friday Apologetics Finds: William Lane Craig and Lee Strobel

OK, so I haven't posted a decent article in a while and the number of apologetics articles and such that I have collected is piling up... so here is a "Friday Apologetics Finds" for you all. This week's picks are as follows:

1) Have you seen the debate between Christian apologist Dr. William Lane Craig and atheist Christopher Hitchens yet? You can watch the full version of the debate below:

If you don't have time to watch the full 2+ hours of the debate, you can watch a 17 minute summary of it here; My personal opinion is that Dr. Craig did excellently (especially see from minutes 8:40 on).

2) Speaking of Dr. Craig, I'm sure you've all heard that Professor Dawkins has refused to debate him. Well, according to one article, apparently, "the head of the British Humanist Association has stepped in to vindicate the honor of atheists everywhere." I hear Craig was expecting Dawkins to show up at the last minute, so he set up an extra chair just in case -- apparently, someone is stepping up to that challenge!

3) An Atheist billboard stating "I can be good without God" -- one of seven billboards posted for a month-long "Out of the Closet" campaign -- was taken off of a church's property after the pastor complained. You can read the full story here.

4) Lee Strobel's daughter and her husband are featured in "Family Fiction" magazine, and they also feature an article on Lee's new novel "The Ambition" (review coming soon on the DCF blog!).

5) You can also watch the full-length videos based on Lee's books, The Case for Christ and the The Case for Faith on Youtube.

And lastly,
6) As many of you know, homosexuality has recently been legalized in NY. I plan to write my thoughts on this subject soon. Right now, I have a bunch of scattered thoughts to sort out for this and future posts, so please sit tight... The DCF blog has not gone anywhere -- we will be back to regular "programming" soon.

That's this week's apologetics finds. Thank you to all of you who faithfully read the DCFblog. Happy Fourth of July Weekend!


  1. The homosexual marriage law has horrible repercussions for Christian businesses in the state. Honestly, I think NYS is purposely trying to drive out all the business from here.... and HOW evil that they can't pass any real tax reform but the homobill goes through like a breeze! :-p

  2. oo! Juicy stuff! I'll try to watch that first debate sometime soon; I saw (through your blog I think?) Dr. Craig's debate with Sam Harris and he was great, but it was odd how Sam Harris would ignore some of Dr. Craig's arguments! 

    Bugh, "I can be good without God"? Nobody's good, but it's not a good idea to put a sign like that on somebody's property without asking....


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