British Humanists Run From William Lane Craig!

If there is one debate I wish I could travel to see, it would be this one! Several British organizations have been trying to get Professor Richard Dawkins and a few other prominent atheists to debate Dr. Craig... but that has been easier said than done. One atheist, Polly Toynbee who is also the president of the British Humanist Association, was to debate Dr.Craig on October 17th; however, she later declined. Stephen Law will be her replacement. Additionally, it was highly anticipated that atheist professor Richard Dawkins would be debating Dr. Craig on October 25th, but he refused to debate him. An empty chair will be set up on the Sheldonian Theatre stage should Dawkins change his mind; and Craig will speak on the flaws of Dawkins' book The God Delusion if Dawkins doesn't show up. From what I hear, this should be a very interesting series of debates and it is highly anticipated. In this amusing video, watch as atheists from the British Humanist Association "decline" to debate Dr. Craig... I think Sam Harris was right when he said that Dr. Craig is "the one Christian apologist who seems to put the fear of God into many of my fellow atheists."


  1. Ha! Yah, the atheists tend to present insults and snarks as opposed to sound and reasonable evidential presentations. I love how Dr. Craig always stays focused on presenting arguments based on the topic in debates, and is respectful of his opponents. The Toynbee quote made me laugh, but the Dawkins remarks made me a bit mad! I remember one time Dawkins and Dr. Craig spoke at the same event, presenting their opposing views or something like that, and in the same debate, Dawkins both accused Dr. Craig of appealing to emotion, but that was all he was able to do himself!
    Well, I hope these debates go well, Dr. Craig's gonna be busy!

  2. Stephen Law, I imagine, will present his version of the Problem of Evil (which seems very weak), which I hope won't take anybody too much by surprise (yet I'm sure Dr. Craig will research him thoroughly beforehand, but it's just the audience who may be 'suprised'). I'm sure Dr. Craig will be his usual, formidable and thorough debating self! Blessings to him for the courage to debate even when it brings him much grief from opponents at times!

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