Is The Biblical Law Inconsistent?

Saw this over at the Stand To Reason blog and just had to share it. In this video, Brett Kunkle talks about the laws of the Old Testament versus those of the New Testament and explains that the teachings of the Old Testament are not at all inconsistent with Christian beliefs today as some would have us believe. This was a video response to the Backyard Skeptics who tore some pages out of a Bible in an effort to demonstrate that "when given a immoral biblical law, nearly all Christians agree with atheists that the law should not be used in today's society." If you like what you see in this video, be sure to stop by the STR blog for a weekly Challenge and Brett's Challenge Response. Enjoy!


  1. Good vid! And that button beneath your header is cool!

  2. That. Is. An. Awesome. Video. I'm totally sharing that! :D Thanks for posting!


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