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UPDATE: Since posting this, I have received a few negative comments. I refrained from posting them, because there is already so much flack out there against Kent Hovind. My point in posting this is NOT for people to come here and bash Kent Hovind; I wanted to put something positive out there on the web about him. He has gone through so much; he doesn't need people to add to it. If you have something against him and wish to speak your mind on it, please go somewhere else. For those of you who are interested, please see the this post where you can also find the most recent updates on Kent Hovind.


Below is a character sketch that my brother wrote. It focuses on Dr. Kent Hovind, a young-earth Creationist who very clearly and accurately portrays his material. I wanted to post it here for today's Inspiring Story. Enjoy!
Although he first appeared slightly outlandish, I have grown to love the humor, wisdom and insight that Dr. Kent Hovind has to offer. Dr. Hovind, previously a science teacher for 15 years, presents seminars on Biblical six-day creation based on the young earth view, and discredits all evolutionary theories. Dr. Hovind is a good example for any Christian to use his mind against Satan, and to begin doing something for Christ promptly.

Although very adamant about his position, Dr. Hovind is only open to where the evidence points. If this same evidence contradicts his personal beliefs, he is prepared to change. Shrewdly combining his humorous antics with the plain facts, Dr. Hovind is an engaging speaker, to say the least. His attractive slideshows emphasize the vital points presented in his seminars. From the age of the earth to Bible prophecy, to even his own personal theories of how the flood occurred, Dr. Hovind understands his information extremely well.

Dr. Hovind has also performed over 20 debates, in which he clearly defends his viewpoint, and is compassionate for the opponent. Dr. Hovind makes it perfectly clear that his goal is to win everyone, including backsliders, to Christ. He does not anger at the atheist or old-earth creationist, although He may completely disagree with their worldview. Occasionally, he informs the listeners how outrageous the evolution viewpoint is; yet he still desires that everyone listening to his seminars comes to know Jesus.

Dr. Hovind also has the ability to inspire his listeners to begin working for the Kingdom of God. He frequently says, “There’s a war going on, folks! If you’re not going to shoot, carry bullets!” Even in this, however, his humor can be manifest. He makes a hilarious statement: “The worst of you could serve as bad examples!” He engages his audience to use their little time left on earth for the Lord. Dr. Hovind is passionate to see the entire body of Christ mobilize and reach out to those around them.

Dr. Hovind is an intelligent, down-to-earth, Christian man. Although I have learned a lot from him, I’d have to say one of the most important points is how to use common sense. Often in his debates, he’ll point out exactly how illogical a particular statement is, and corrects the error. Often times, I am flabbergasted at his clever statements. Dr. Hovind is the perfect role model of an engaging speaker on fire for God.
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  1. Lol; I like Dr. Hovind for the same reasons, too. I remember my first impression of him, "Oh my word, somebody, a MAN, talks like me!" And also, a lot of scientific stuff has just totally confused me in the past, but when he explains it, it's so simple, so common-sense and common-language that it makes perfect sense to me!

    Thank you for sharing! Character sketches can be fun; but I don't think I've ever done one on a real person! I remember working REALLY hard on one about the Big Bad Wolf, which my family loved; but I cannot find the document now! :(

  2. Good afternoon, my name is Paul Dublin. I am the son in law to Dr. Kent Hovind. I found this blog today and wanted to say that it is such a blessing to see the lives that this ministry (CSE) has touched. We continue to pray for Dr. Hovind everyday. He has been able to lead over 120 inmates to the Lord up to date. God is still using him in a mighty way.
    Please pray for Eric Hovind who has taken over the ministry here. Pray that God continues to give him wisdom and direction.
    Thank you for your continued support through the years.
    One last thought, we are trying to make plans to go to South Africa next year to do a Creation Tour for about 2 weeks. Pray that God opens the doors for this opportunity.

    Paul Dublin

  3. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I am so honored (and I'm sure my brother is, too); my brother wrote this essay for an English assignment (private school), and I loved it because it expresses exactly how we all feel about Kent Hovind and the CSE ministry. We have learned a lot from Dr. Hovind, and we continue to use the material presented in the seminars to reach out to others with the truth.

    Thank you for updating us on the ministry's status. It's wonderful to know that "the Word of God is not chained"! Every day, we pray that Dr. Hovind would continue to lead people to Christ, regardless of his circumstances. We also pray for Eric and the CSE ministry daily! We will add prayer for the South Africa Tour to our prayer list.

    Thank you for all that you do. Your ministry is such a blessing!

  4. Interesting Artical about your " Brother " .. if you ask me , i think the goverment needed anything to silence Dr Kent Hovind. i mean think about it , he was proving theories accurately over and over " Reffering to the Creation vs Evolution DVD's " now thats not something they would tollerate ! if the goverment needs something on someone , they will find it , perhaps he is guilty , im no one to comment ! but why Mr Hovind of all people ??? He was obviously a threat to something or a much higher and stronger organization. illuminati Perhaps ? i dont wanna be getting ahead of myself here , but he was effecting that subject to such an extent that he could lead so many people to a new awakening and understanding of whats really happening in todays life.. , please forward me replies , as i will forget about passing threw this site :) God Bless

  5. Thank you so much for your comment, Mbrooke! My family loves Kent Hovind; we appreciate his stand, and what he is doing for the Lord. We also love the DVDs; there is so much information which is both informative and encouraging. Unfortunately, there are so many people out there who do not appreciate Kent Hovind. I'm glad to hear from someone who does! ;)

  6. How true. Kent's D VD's have been inspiring and transforming in the life of my son and myself and many more here in South Africa. Praise be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Protect and strengthen Kent in all he has to endure for the Gospel sake. May he look to the glory that is to come.

  7. Great article!! Suits him very well. :D I'm thrilled to hear of so many men in jail who now have hope. God bless Dr. Hovind. Wow.

    P.S. Dr. Hovind is "outlandish"? LOLOL!!!!!! I absolutely loved his crazy, zany humor, right from the start. (And I wonder what you think of me and my wacky humor!?).

  8. I totally appreciate Dr. Hovind. He has taken all my doubts concerning the first 11 chapters of Genesis away from my heart. I pray the strength of God for him and his wife. I can't wait until he is amongst us again. In the mean time, may God grant him more wosdom and opportunity to lead people to Christ.

  9. Hello!

    I am glad to see that there is one place for Dr. Hovind that's not totally bashing him into the ground. I hope Dr. Hovind gets outta jail soon because I enjoy watching his seminar and frankly even though people bash him so much he's the type of person that takes it and gives it back ten fold. Only when he gives it back it's with the truth of god's word! I hope to someday see one of his seminar's in real life instead of on a video. It's truly sad that the supreme court turned down his appeal but I'm going to pray for him as often as I can because he truly is a Bible Warrior, and lord knows that's exactly what we need in today's society.

    Best Regards,
    Steven Hogle-Jones

  10. I have found Kent to be very knowledable and to the point and in the debates that I have seen the people do not answer the questions and are missing the point, as some time soon we shall all stand in front of the creator, and then some people shall realise that they should have though of others more and listened more.

  11. My family was given a copy of the Creation Seminar about a year ago. We had never heard of Kent Hovind. I have been a Christian all my life and had not an educated answer for the age of the earth. I had accepted a gap theory, because I being an intelectually weak Christian want to be accepted in this world and if scientists, teachers, politicians and sadly, pastors tell me that the earth is millions of years old than, they must be right. . . right. Well, thank the Lord for Kent Hovind and his creation ministries. He has truly been a blessing for me and my family. We have now bought the seminar plus other resources from Creation Ministries. The past six years I have immersed myself in the battle of world views. I see clearly that we are in a spiritual battle. We are being deceived by people that are in positions of power and influence that do not share the Christian world view. And I am learning that their world views have consequences. I work in an environment that I get to talk to different people every day. I ask the Lord to bring about conversations to share with them the God of the Bible. With the knowledge that I have learned through the Hovind seminar, I get into amazing conversations with individuals who never thought through their beliefs of origins. I have led some through the gospel message, it has changed their lives.
    Thank you Kent Hovind for your ministry.

  12. Thank you all for your wonderful responses; I am so blessed by each one! I love Dr. Hovind and his ministry, and I am so excited to see/meet others who share the same appreciation of him. When I first posted this, I never expected to receive so much feedback (though I did expect a negative one or two); it seems that this page has become a "haven" of sorts for those of us who are likeminded young-earth creationists. Thank you all for your support of Dr. Hovind; he needs it, and I'm sure he appreciates it. And I want to specifically thank those of you who have taken the time to share your testimonies; I will be sure to pass these along so that Dr. Hovind can personally see them!

    God bless,
    Miss S.

  13. i hate to see that Dr. Hovind was ridiculed by unbelievers and others who just want to feel better about themselves...some people are just simply too focused on themselves to actually absorb what he has had to say. Im so glad to see something positive about him. We need to live by the Word of God, and when people expose the lies of humanity, that just proves that the wise became fools...and still do.

  14. I've been encouraged and inspired by Kent Hovind ever since I heard him in Yokosuka, Japan in a seminar he did there in 1998 or 99. As soon as I heard about his having gone to jail, I immediately knew that God had one major purpose for this. Just as God used the apostle Paul in prison to witness and lead other prisoners to Christ, so Kent will and probably is even now bringing glory to God and reaching others who he couldn't reach in his seminars...prisoners. God will always put his most faithful, on-fire servants in the heat of the battle. We are praying for you Dr. Hovind and will pray for those around you to come to Christ through your godly testimony!

  15. Just want to encourage Dr. Hovin and his family that he and his ministry is greatly appreciated by many saints out here. He is a great blessing. May our Lord bless and strengthen you. Richard Kelly and family.

  16. My thinking also. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  17. I am glad to have this opportunity to share something..that i hope may reach kent Hovinds ears...My husband went back to collegeg after a career changing injury (fell off a roof and almost lost his leg..was not his idea of a wonder did you do something wrong?When God allows such exsperiences) anyway he went back to college...and there would be some lively husband is not a man that you have to wonder what he is thinking...but he also knows when to keep quiet..WHEN I MIGHT CONTINUE in his college writing class, he was given a choice of subjects(all controversial).My husband had made a statement earlier in this class about kids are better off with a Mom and a Dad..this was not a popular statement with the instructor...but debate was enjoyed and they espected my husband to have a different view...he wrote his paper on creation vs. evolution..little did i know i was to become a student we watched many seminars od Kent Hovinds and it was I have taught Sunday School and i had been feeling to include every week a time to reinforce creation and our creator....I did not know how much evolution was being pushed upon innocent was mentioned in theory when I was a sister has taught school for 39 years and has just retired...and she was able to avoid teaching evolution as much as possible(she had been out of church for years but knew that was wrong) but what an eye opener those seminars back to my point I wanted Kent Hovind to husband researched to do his paper...and he could not give his opinion...well he worked with a group of 3...and they were to sound off to each other before young man after hearing Bert's paper said"HEY, can I have a copy of that when your done?I want to show it to my biology teacher.The instructor spoke up and said what is your subject? Bert informed her. he then came to the due date...and said to his instructor ..Well, I have a lot more to include but I have run out of time...she insisted he keep it and she wanted to see it all he had...So he took more time and he sent in work to her. She claimed to not be a believer in God. Time went by...and we waited to hear what he got for a mark and her reaction.My husband used a lot of Kent Hovinds points(quoted him) and other material also..the word of God of course...end result she told Bert she no longer believed in evolution....she told him she prayed everyday when she would leave the college.Kent Hovinds life and stand has and is making a affected husband..2 people at college...and I have shared this with other people....I want to share it with my 90 some year old neighbor who says there is no God..educated believes the lies...i want to show him these videos on Kent Hovinds seminars. I knew when I heard Kent Hovind say this was a goverment funded religion...I felt that hit hard...and thought Oh someone is not going to like that.I do pray for his release and God's will....I do not know him or his family but a family in Maine is praying for them......I pray the enemy has to repay them 7 fold and the Lord bless them abundantly..THANKYOU SO MUCH...there is also a sciene teacher friend of my sisters and he was dead set against religion...and I am burdened for him...thankyou much JESU BLESS YOU

  18. I have listened to many Kent Hovind tapes as well as observed his debate, one fact it that the people who sit on the evolution bench do not in my view have a leg to stand on in that there are certain principals which have been disproved yet are still phoned in the text books? Why is this, does this not mean that the theory is tainted? Also to concetrate on where he did or did not get his dagree is besides the point as that argument does not hold water as any person could read all the material and come to the same conclusion. The thing is with evolutionist is that they allways need time, and if you listen to MacMurrty who was a Evolustionist he proves that Kent Hovinds thought processes are fairly accurate. So I believe that the Evolutionist must get over themselves and understand that there is a God and his will shall be done, as if not they only have one other choice and that is what is happening all over the world, as if evolution is true things should be evolving and getting better, and guess what as the Bible states clearly, things are getting worse.

  19. I am a huge fan of CSE Dr. Hovind is a great brother in Christ. I an a youth minister and have introduced the kids to the seminars and they loved them. There will always be hard people out there they just need JESUS.

  20. The Bible says we fight against 'principalities and powers' not flesh and blood. It's clear to anyone with any spiritual insight at all that Dr Hovind has been moved out of the way by those 'powers' whose minds are easily manipulated by darker forces. It seems to me the church is only acceptable these days if it is a watered down ineffectual organization that has no influence whatsoever. I've watched Dr Hovind wipe the floor with many so called men of learning. May we all be reminded to pray for Dr Hovind's protection (and his family) as it's clear Satan regards him as a 'troublemaker'.

  21. I handed out a few copies of his 100 reasons why evolution is stupid and guess what? God used it to save a young girl straight off the street mission in South Australia. Genuine conversion too, real repentance and faith in Christ. She is now a member of our church. T

  22. I've watched Dr. Hovinds videos and debates multiple times. It really helped me to realize I don't have to agree with evolution just bc its popular. I love and miss him very much and hope he gets back to doing what he does best, advancing the kingdom of God.

  23. Dr Hovind's ministry is fascinating and has helped me to understand a lot, it really saddens me when I read all of the hatred towards his work, even from some Christians! I do fear that his imprisonment might undermine his ministry and damaged him in so many eyes - just as Satan would have wanted.


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