Open-Minded Atheists

I just received a Living Water's Newsletter (Do you receive them? If not, you should!), and I was excited to see this: “Dear Ray, I am an atheist. I have read much of your blog, from its innocent beginnings, to the turning point of the atheists flooding the comment pages… and as I read the hateful things the atheists say to/about you and God, I want to assure you that we are not all so closed-minded and hateful. I appreciate everything you are trying to do for us. I admire your unwavering faith, your tolerance and humor, and I know you will never give up on the atheists! Thank you for opening my mind.” ~R.

I am aware that there are other likeminded atheists out there; however, each time I see a truly open-minded atheist, it is so refreshing. For the most part, all you ever see are those who may or may not claim to be open-minded as they search for the truth, and then they pick apart everything that you say. So I'm glad to see that there are some sincere atheists out there.

I am especially grateful that atheists appreciate Ray Comfort's stand for the truth! That is so inspiring! And it does seem that this would give Christians the opportunity to be a light to such people, doesn't it? It reminds me of a quote by Josh McDowell that I saw recently on his twitter page : “It's better to win a friend & lose an argument. Loving Christians should both win a friend & get point across.”


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