Kent Hovind Update!

As many of you know, I'm a big fan of CSE ministries. Well, I just found out two things that I think you'll all be excited to hear:

1) The makers of "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" are making a film about Dr. Kent Hovind called "Dr. Dino: Where Creation and Evolution Collide"! You can find out all the details here. If it's anything like "Expelled," I am expecting it to be GOOD. I also think it's awesome that the mission statement of Resurrection Pictures, the "film ministry" behind this project, says that its mission is to "produce and distribute Christian movies for theatrical release with the objective of bringing people to salvation in Jesus Christ." And they plan to do just that with this film. Production is set for 2011.

2) Dr. Hovind's blog has been moved to You can keep up with all the latest about his case there. Currently, he has been moved to a much better location in GA! Keep praying for him, his family, and the wonderful work of CSE.

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  1. That is awesome! Can't wait to see the new film! I think I'm gonna go see it in theaters when it comes out. Dr. Hovind is soooo cool! :)

    And I think it's awesome that Jo will get to visit him again! The only thing better than that would be his release. :S

  2. YESSSSSSS!!!! I'm glad to hear he's in a better place. ALTHOUGH an EVEN BETTER PLACE WOULD BE HIS OWN HOME! Gah, I am still SO ANGRY at the irs... Thx for the links! When does that movie come out, anyway?

  3. Rebecca, I couldn't find any information about when it comes out, but production starts in 2011... hopefully, we won't have to wait too long...

  4. I am also a great fan of CSE. Thank God for this blog I feel I belong.

  5. It is soo great to see a site that stands behind Kent Hovind!!!! As we know we are all sinners!! When I heard he was arested and why I admit I had my doubts. But then I prayed on it and thought just becasue he was arrested for what the IRs claims doesn't make him wrong or a liar in hisbeliefs what so ever. Jesus once said give to ceazur what is ceazurs but give to GOd what is GOds!! Isn't that exactley what Kent was doing??? Thank you for keeping us up to date. Thank yo Jesus for Dieng for me. Amen!!!

  6. Man, i'm so stoked to see that there are those willing to stand up and be counted. Dr Hovind is in good co. St Paul, Jesus was executed by the gov of the time, yet His Word Lives. Dr Hovind's discoveries will continue and as a Science Teacher,i will ensure my kids get a fare chance to make up their own minds.

  7. IRS is now getting exposed for the persecutors they always were. But Congress should get a big ROAR from the people too because they wrote the dumb laws in the first place! Rand Paul is right! Judge Andrew Napolitano is right when he says they should get somebody who knows how to cross-examine, and get all the suspects lined up right in front of them so they can't just blame each other without facing their accusers.

    The IRS hearings are so lame. They're afraid to call anybody that counts it seems like.

    But in Kent Hovind's case, like Jesus said about the Jewish rulers of the time that delivered him up, "Theirs is the greater condemnation".

    And that goes to the rat that directs a nearby "Christian" seminary who told the IRS to go after Kent Hovind in the first place. SO afraid like the Pharisees of getting exposed for their fear of losing "our place and our nation". Instead of finding out the truth or doing the Christian thing and facing Hovind herself, went to the IRS, went to the Romans, went to the king to find something to accuse him with.

    Romans 13 my foot! Go read what Jesus said about the rulers that decide how much taxes you pay, when he had Peter go fishing for it. Jesus does not have much good to say about money changers either.


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