180 In A Matter Of Seconds!

I have some exciting news for the Ray Comfort fans out there: Living Waters is putting together a documentary entitled 180 which will feature interviews with people on the streets showing how they change their minds from a pro-choice to pro-life stance in a matter of seconds.  Here's the trailer:

And here is a message from Ray on why this is an important message and what you can do to support the movie:

After it's release on September 26, the movie can be watched for FREE at the official website. You can find out more here: http://www.180movie.com/

And as a side note, if you've not yet seen Living Waters' On The Box program and blog, you should consider doing so today. The program tackles evangelism and other topics relevant to sharing the Gospel in today's society. Also, if you're an apologist or someone who likes a good debate, you may want to consider checking out Ray's blog where there are many hecklers/trolls... just saying :-)


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