180 Movie: Pro-Choice To Pro-Life... In Seconds!

I just finished watching the phenomenal movie 180. The movie, a 33 minute film by Living Waters, shows a series of discussions Ray Comfort conducts with 8 pro-choice people who change their minds about abortion in a matter of seconds! What was it that got them to change their minds? The film releases today, September 26.

My personal opinion of the movie is that it was very hard-hitting, yet compassionate towards pro-choice individuals as it got to the root of the issue -- that abortion and murder are synonymous -- while sharing that there is hope in Christ. Personally, while I thought the film was excellent, even as a staunchly pro-life advocate, I don't necessarily expect all supporters of abortion to change their minds after watching this film, but I do believe it will get them thinking -- which is, in my view, one step in the right direction. I applaud Ray's efforts; this is much needed in our culture today.

Whether you're pro-life or pro-choice, this is a film you won't want to miss. And you can watch the movie right now, if you'd like, or see the trailer here:


The Movie:

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