ISWA U: A Free Online Apologetics Curriculum For Woman

When I first started blogging three years ago, I had no idea that there were any women involved in apologetics. At the time, the only woman that I learned of was apologist MaryJo Sharp, and I remember her saying that there were very few woman apologists but that the number was slowly beginning to rise.

Well, enter ISWA, The International Society of Women in Apologetics, headed by Sarah Ankenman (The Valley Girl Apologist). ISWA has just released a free online curriculum called ISWA U, in keeping with their mission statement "to train women in the defense of the faith." ISWA U features video and audio lectures by women for women who will learn what they believe and why. Check out the "Media" section to see the topics currently featured in ISWA U.

 Additionally, in the interview below, Sarah Ankenman explains the importance of women in apologetics:


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