Yearly Tradition: My Favorite Christmas Songs

Every year I have a tradition for this blog: I post my favorite Christmas songs for your listening enjoyment! :) This year, I have added a few new songs to the original list. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

This first one is from an Oregon-based band called Sixteen Cities. My family has traveled through rain, sleet, snow and "dark of night" (no joke) to see these guys in concert more than once and we were not disappointed; the worship is phenomenal and they are such genuine, Godly people. This song is called "Morningstar."

I stumbled upon this next song by accident, but I instantly loved it. Sung by Francesca Battistelli, this gorgeous song is called "Be Born In Me."

And lastly, this one is from Aaron Shust's Christmas EP. It's entitled "God Has Come To Earth." I'm pretty excited about this one, because I made the video myself... enjoy!

Merry Christmas from the DCFblog!


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