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Inspiring Quote

Here is an interesting quote by Norman Geisler... “There’s more evidence that the Bible is a reliable source than there is for any other book from the ancient world…. I could talk about the Bible’s unity-sixty-six books written in different literary styles by perhaps forty different authors with diverse backgrounds over fifteen hundred years, and yet the Bible amazingly unfolds one continuous drama with one central message. That points to the existence of the divine Mind that the writers claimed inspired them. And there’s the Bible’s transforming-from the beginning, it has renewed people; given them hope, courage, purpose, wisdom, guidance, and power; and formed an anchor for their lives. While early Islam was spread by the sword, early Christianity spread by the Spirit, even while Christians were being killed by Roman swords.”-Dr. Norman L. Geislerqtd. in The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel

Hearsay or Reliable Testimony

Recently, I've come across some who insist that the students of the Disciples (i.e. Iraneus) cannot be trusted, because, according to them, it is defined as either "hearsay” or “from a ‘friend of a friend.’” Some even go so far as to say that the disciples themselves cannot be trusted! This made me do some research. Here is what I’ve come up with: Simon Greenleaf, author of the book The Testimony of the Evangelists (which I highly recommend) and Professor of Law in the mid-1800s, said that when there are no suspicious circumstances, all the witnesses are to be assumed credible, unless the objector can prove otherwise, the burden of proof falling on him to do so. He further states that the testimony of one is not to be more important than another’s, not even if the testimony is the defendant’s. However, the Christian’s testimony is usually assumed to be false until proven true! His testimony should be held true until proven false, just like everyone else’s testimony is. Rona


Welcome to my blog! The purpose of this blog is to educate the Christian about the reliability of the Bible. It is the duty of every Christian to make sure that they know what they believe and why. Too many people don't know, apart from, "because the Bible tells me so." Not having the answers can turn many people away from Christ. Here, you will find many interesting facts related to Bible history, chronology, archaeology, etc, that I hope will equip you to reach out to others, while knowing the answers to the critical questions that are asked that really do demand an answer. The Bible commands us to “always be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in us." Here are the rules of this blog: 1) Feel free to leave comments, but all disrespectful comments will be removed. This includes rude comments about the author or the persons presented in this blog (see point 2 below). I retain this right, and any negative comments about my decisions will be promptly delete