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Dr. Craig. vs. Dr. Krauss "The Great Debate: Is There Evidence For God?"

Yesterday, Christian philosopher and theologian Dr. William Lane Craig and eminent atheist physicist Dr. Lawrence Krauss debated on the topic "Is There Evidence for God?" Unfortunately, I only caught the last 30 mintues of the Q and A. But there is good news: if you happened to miss the event, you can watch the whole debate here , and Apologetics315 has put up an audio of the debate if you prefer to listen while you work on other things. Enjoy!

Friday Apologetics Finds: Conferences You Won't Want To Miss!

This week, I have a lot of information for those of you who are thinking about attending an apologetics conference. Here are this week's apologetics finds : 1) The 2011 Online Apologetics Conference is happening April 7-9 ! The theme this year is, "Defending Christianity and God’s Plan for Marriage, Family, and Life through Creative Arts such as Film and Literature." The keynote Speaker will be Dr. Gene Edward Veith Jr. Other Confirmed Speakers include  Mikel Del Rosario , Dr. Holly Ordway , and  Brian Auten  among others. If you are planning on attending, be sure to register soon, because early registrants pay half-price! 2) A debate will be taking place in North Carolina between Christian philosopher and theologian Dr. William Lane Craig and eminent atheist physicist Dr. Lawrence Krauss on the topic: Is There Evidence for God? The debate, which begins 6 pm, March 30th (end time, 9pm), can be viewed live via Internet webcast here .  (Anytime thereafter, the debat

Book Review: How I Forgave My Molester by Melinda Todd

In this day and age, it seems that children and adults are sexually exploited on a regular basis, creating a very low self-image in the victims. I have always been passionate about advocating for these people, so I was very excited to be given a chance to review Melinda Todd’s ebook, How I Forgave My Molester . At a very young age, Melinda Todd had an experience that no child should have to endure – and the criminal was someone very close to her. Years later, the situation still haunted her: why had this happened, and why hadn’t her family stepped in to protect her? Struggling with self-worth and feelings of betrayal – even years into her marriage – Mel knew that something had to change. Eventually, Mel found the one thing that could truly set her free: Forgiveness. In this short, easy-to-read ebook, Melinda talks about her struggle with self-worth after the incident, and the steps that she took down the path of forgiveness. Several of these practical steps are incorporated int

Win A Copy of Unplanned by Abby Johnson!

Tyndale publishers has just launched a Book Club Hub enewsletter and to celebrate they are giving away two different books every day for 30 days ! Up for grabs today only  is Abby Johnson's book, Unplanned . Click here to enter the contest , and be sure to keep checking the contest page to see what other books you could win over the next month! (And for the record, you can enter for a chance to win both featured books if you so choose! And you can enter daily, too!) Have fun!

Sunday Quote: Adler On The Importance of Knowing What We Believe

"I suspect that most of the individuals who have religious faith are content with blind faith. They feel no obligation to understand what they believe. They may even wish not to have their beliefs disturbed by thought. But if God in whom they believe created them with intellectual and rational powers, that imposes upon them the duty to try to understand the creed of their religion. Not to do so is to verge on superstition." ~ Mortimer J. Adler

Inspiring Story: Intimacy For Miracles (MUST SEE!)

Welcome to another addition of Inspiring Story, where the goal is to provide you with a testimony that will encourage you, build up your faith, and demonstrate the power of God. He does exist, and He makes it perfectly clear, many times in our day-to-day lives. Today, I would like to share a few testimonies that I came across randomly (actually, that's not true -- I believe that the Lord led me to them as I was searching for a story this week), but they blessed me so much that I just had to share with my readers. This is the testimony of what God is doing through Heidi Baker and her ministry, Iris Ministries, in Mosambique, Africa. The first, is an interview that CBN did with Heidi. I was deeply encouraged by this one... And here is an amazing testimony of blind eyes seeing: "...One thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see.... Why herein is a marvellous thing, that ye know not from whence he is, and [yet] he hath opened mine eyes. Now we know that God heare

The Christian View

In recent weeks, it seems that attacks upon some of Christianity's core beliefs have been escalating in several major areas, so I wanted to share my thoughts on these in today's post -- from a purely Christian perspective. 1) A few months before Christmas last year, the American Atheists erected a billboard claiming that true message of Christmas was all just a myth. Now, an ad stating, "You Can Live Moral, Meaningful Lives without God" has been posted at Farragut West Metro station in Washington, D.C. Craig Hazen made some good points for a moral lawgiver in the article. For my thoughts on this, see a guest post that apologetics speaker and trainer Mikel Del Rosario wrote for the DCF blog. (Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments under that post!) 2) It seems that the issue of homosexuality has taken a turn for the worst recently, with many Christians "coming out of the closet" and claiming to be both Christian and homosexual . I will a

Friday Apologetics Finds

If you're like me, you devour apologetics material (or, at least you look for material that will bolster your faith). Every week, I find a small collection of apologetics material -- be it articles, audio/podcasts, downloads, etc. -- that I would like to start sharing with my readers in hopes that it will provide you with information to "always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you" (1 Peter 3:15). So here are this week's picks: Apologetics: Does God Exist? - featuring a number of articles on the subject including some articles and videos by Dr. William Lane Craig Greg Koukl Offers Eight Tips on Witnessing 9 Points for Preaching on the Problem of Evil by Norman Geisler (You can also read an excerpt from his book "If God, Why Evil?" here .) And lastly, I wanted to share a little frugal tip with all you bookworms out there: When looking to purchase a book, never underestimate your local bargain ou

The Answers To Life

Here is an interesting clip from comedian Ron Pearson called The Answers to Life... While I don't believe that the earth is millions of years old, Ron raised some good points. I also loved his conclusion, so I wanted to share this particular clip with you all. Right before this clip, Ron talks about the role of teachers . While I respect teachers, I do think the public school system as a whole is sorely lacking in teaching on Christianity. This clip also reminded me of a little story that I will leave you with: A little boy asked God, "Father, where were you when this tragedy happened at my school today?" God replied, "Son, I'm not allowed in your school."

Inspiring Story: A Second Chance at Love

It's about time this blog saw another Inspiring Story . (Last time, I missed it due to a day trip I took to PA; so I decided to wait until the next time it rolled around to post...) Here is a story that I saw a while back on CBN, and  I've been wanting to share it for a while. This is the amazing testimony of Clint and Penny Bragg and the one thing that nearly tore their marriage apart -- for 11 years. I hope you all enjoy! Join me March 19-21 for the next installment of Inspiring Story, sharing testimonies of God's faithfulness through which He reveals Himself to us on a daily basis.