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Guest Post: Tom Gilson - Reason Rally Organizers Don't Want Dialogue

With the secular Reason Rally only a few days away, I am featuring a guest post today from Tom Gilson titled, " REASON RALLY ORGANIZER TO REASONING CHRISTIANS: WE WANT NO DIALOGUE ." Tom is a leader in the True Reason initiative to take Christian apologists down to the Reason Rally for respectful dialogue should anyone there be interested. I have received a few comments from atheists expressing their concern that the True Reason initiative is nothing more than an attempt to disturb -- or proselytize, as it is stated in the article below -- atheists. This is not true, and I encourage anyone wondering about that, to read the article below, to peruse the True Reason website where the mission is clearly stated, and to take a look at Tom's site at Thinking Christian for more. -------------- On March 12 I wrote an email to David Silverman, president of American Atheists. It was a message from the leader of one organization to another, on behalf of both our organizations.

Reason Rally and True Reason: Ebook Review

Reason Rally 2012 -- it's probably something you've heard about if you are into Christian apologetics at all (and even if you happen to be a non-believer, you have probably heard of it). It's a rally that wishes to promote "science, secularism, and reason," and it includes such speakers as Richard Dawkins , PZ Myers, and Lawrence Krauss, to name a few. The rally will be held on March 24, the weekend after St. Patrick's Day. But with this celebration of reason comes a challenge to Christianity: the atheistic appeal to "reason" that purports that Christianity is irrational. But is that really true? And is atheism really a rational point of view? Enter True Reason: Christian Responses to the Challenge of Atheism , a new ebook which released yesterday. I have the privilege of reviewing this excellent work. The book --- written by thirteen authors, including Dr. William Lane Craig, Sean McDowell and members of the Christian Apologetics Alliance

New Ebook, True Reason, Releases Today

Dear Readers: I am very excited to inform you that today is the official release date for the ebook, True Reason: Christian Responses to the Challenge of Atheism , a book created by several members of the Christian Apologetics Alliance in direct response to the secular Reason Rally that will be held on March 24. I am in the process of reviewing this excellent work, and I highly recommend that you get a copy for yourselves. Whether you're a Christian or a non-believer, this book has some really good arguments demonstrating that Christianity is reasonable and that, while atheists are capable of reasoning, they often do it irrationally despite their claim to reason. Briefly, the book description is as follows: Thirteen authors have teamed up to discuss what the New Atheists mean by reason, where they succeed at it, and how much more reasonable Christianity is at its best than the New Atheism is at its best. Be on the lookout for a review here on the DCFblog ! In the meantime