Recommended Sites

This page consists of those websites dedicated to apologetics that the DCF blog endorses and recommends in alphabetical order. Please note that this page is currently under construction...
Apologetics 315 with Brian Auten

Apologetics Guy with Mikel Del Rosario

ATF's Apologetics: Blogs and News

Come Reason Ministries with Lenny Esposito

Confident Christianity with Mary Jo Sharp

Creation Today with Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor

Cross Examined Blog with Frank Turek

Faithful Thinkers with Luke Nix

Generation Ex-Christian with Drew Dyck

Ratio Christi - a student apologetics alliance

Reasonable Faith Ministries with William Lane Craig

Risen Jesus with Mike Licona 

Seal of God with Chad Williams (formerly from The Way of the Master)

Stand To Reason Ministries with Greg Koukl and Brett Kunkle

STR Place Blog (student site for Stand To Reason)

Tawapologetics with Tawa Anderson

The Cold and Lonely Truth with Aurthur Khachatryan

The Poached Egg  - apologetics with Greg West

The Skeptical Believer - Fearlessly and honestly exploring the challenges of faith in Jesus with Jeremy 

The Veritas Forum

True Reason - a Christian response to the secularist Reason Rally

Truth Bomb Apologetics with Chad Gross

Worldview Ministries with Sean McDowell

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