Quote of the Week: Ravi Zacharias On The Problem of Evil

"When you say there's too much evil in this world you assume there's good. When you assume there's good, you assume there's such a thing as a moral law on the basis of which to differentiate between good and evil. But if you assume a moral law, you must posit a moral Law Giver, but that's Who you're trying to disprove and not prove. Because if there's no moral Law Giver, there's no moral law. If there's no moral law, there's no good. If there's no good, there's no evil. What is your question?"

~ Ravi Zacharias, in response to the objection, "There cannot be a God, because there is too much evil in this world"


  1. Great post!! I fully agree.

    Good response to many that try to pretend that God does not exist.

  2. two words...very true! I'm in college right now and everyone walks around saying they are atheists like it is the hottest thing in fashion....and as soon as you tell them you're Christian they sarcastically laugh and try to disprove your belief!

  3. Ahh, beautiful logic. Can't beat it with a stick.


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