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An Atheist's denial of the Resurrection vs. A Christian's Rebuttal

The following is my rebuttal to an atheist's claims, which you can find here . His quotes are not responses to me; this is part of a LONG debate which took place in the comments on the site linked to above. I felt it was worthwhile to share my thoughts with you all, and I wanted to reply specifically to the topic of the Resurrection and Christianity. My hope in posting this is to show that Christianity is a "sound doctrine" as the Bible says and can't be as easily dismissed as this atheist thinks. I also hope that it will help to strengthen your belief in Christ, and hopefully equip you with some ideas of how to respond to your non-believing friends. Be advised that this is long... Note: This is written in the second person; it is written to DL, the atheist, in dialogue form. Some of my responses may seem harsh, but this atheist was not budging and inch, and I responded how I felt it was best at the time. Since writing this, I have learned so much more, therefore, I