Inspiring Story: What Did You Do?

I've been thinking a lot about the subject of surrender -- full and complete surrender to God, even if we are faced with death. I've been reading a number of books dealing with this subject. Did you know that every day, Christians are persecuted for their faith in Christ; yet they are "faithful unto death"? Among the many obsticales that they face daily, they must also be prepared to die, if necessary; sometimes, the pressures can be too much, and they wonder, "Is this the end?" Yet, they are so passionate about sharing Christ's love. They can't stop; people need them -- people need to hear the Gospel. Their stories are truly a challenge to those of us who live in comfortable, complacent America; we hardly face any persecution, so we really can't relate to such a commitment to Christ. Yet, the thought keeps nagging me, "What would you do if you were in there place? What does God want you to do for Him in this nation, as these Christians do in theirs -- transforming hearts with the love of Christ, despite the grip of anti-God governements in most cases?" So when I saw this short video by William Federer, I was deeply moved by his challenge... I present it to you as this week's Inspiring Story... Also, I love this song, but when I heard it today (considering the context above), it seemed to fit perfectly with what I've been saying (especially the chorus), and it is totally inspiring... (By the way, for more great music like this, visit Jay's Music Blog.) Do we honestly think that way? Do we use every opportunity to share the love of Christ with others, even if it means our death? So, what will you do for God today?


  1. That is SOOO good! I've been reading about the persectued church of the first century, and it is really heart-wrenching. So I'm actually very inspired by this. And that is too an excellent song by Group1Crew, and it really goes along well. Thanks for the inspiration. :D

  2. Your post reminds me of 1 Corinthians 13, James 1, and Romans 12, and also of what Jesus always said about the "least in the kingdom of heaven." It's not that we did great and mighty things for God, but that we were willing to show His mighty deeds to others, to make the small sacrifices distasteful to us. The giants in our lives are much different than the giant David slew. David had bigger giants to deal with, also, and what is great is that he recognized that no man is strong enough to slay them on his own!

    Great post; thanks for sharing.


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