Walk In the Footsteps of Paul!

Just received this in my email box today from Biblical Archaeology Review and thought it was worth sharing... "Will you join BAS this September to explore some of the most significant Biblical sites in the world in Turkey? After Israel, Turkey has more Biblical sites than any other land. This beautiful country is essential in understanding the context of the New Testament, as approximately two-thirds of its books were written either to or from churches in Turkey. The three major apostles--Peter, Paul and John--either ministered or lived in Turkey. Time is running out - Sign up for this extraordinary learning adventure now. Call the Travel/Study department 1-800-221-4644 ext.208 to register today. With Dr. Mark Wilson as your expert scholar-guide, follow in the footsteps of Paul at these sites: - The harbor that Paul and Barnabus departed from in Kaleiçi - Perga, the city that Paul visited during his first journey - The harbor of Andriake, where Paul changed ships on his way to Rome - Psidian Antioch, where it is believed Paul preached his first sermon of Acts and where there is an important church dedicated to him - Hierapolis, mentioned in Paul’s letter to the Colossians - The unexcavated site of Colossae, where it is quite possible (and generally held) that Paul wrote two letters—Colossians and Philemon - Miletus, where Paul delivered his speech to the Ephesian elders, near one of its four harbors - The incomparable site of Ephesus, home of the famous ancient library, where Paul spent nearly three years during his third journey... Remember, these are just some of the the highlights of this extensive tour taking place September 20 - October 2, 2010. You can enjoy a day-by-day preview of the entire tour using these links: Days 1-2: Istanbul Days 3-5: Kaleiçi, Aspendus, Side, Myra, Andriake, Eflatun Pinar, Psidian Antioch and Pamukkale Days 6-8: Hierapolis, Laodicea, Colossae, Aphrodisias, Miletus and Priene Day 9: Ephesus Day 10: Izmir, Smyrna, Pergamon Discover the history, archaeology and culture of this sacred land with us this September Call the Travel/Study department 1-800-221-4644 ext.208 to register today." I was reading this thinking, "I WANNA GO... and I CAN'T!" But then, it got better: "Can't join us on this trip to Turkey? Why not take a virtual trip tracing the footsteps of Paul from the comfort of your own home? Check out Turkey: An Armchair Traveler's Guide, a new feature on our Travel/Study Web site, featuring fully illustrated feature-length articles and intriguing books recommended by Dr. Mark Wilson. For Bible and archaeology enthusiasts, there are always many quality program offerings from the Travel/Study department of the Biblical Archaeology Society. Visit our Travel/Study Web site and choose your next adventure!"


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