Inspiring Story: Raised From the Dead

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Today, I wanted to present a fascinating story of a man who was raised from the dead. In today's world, many atheists claim that because no one has every risen from the dead, the Resurrection of Jesus did not really happen. Of course, they claim that if evidence of people being raised from the dead were documented and presented to them, they would believe it (and we do have that in the four Gospel accounts, by the way). 

Since we are approaching Easter --the day when we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus -- that objection may be raised by someone you know. Therefore, I wanted to share the story of Daniel -- a documentary on one man who was miraculously raised from the dead. This is actually a six part documentary on his story, so I strongly advise that you go here to watch the whole thing. Please do not let the time allotment stop you from viewing; I promise, it is WELL worth the watch!

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

"Women received their dead raised to life again..." ~ Hebrews 11:35

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  1. I've got my Inspiring Story up! Peace in the eye of a tornado!

    That was an excellent video! God moves when someone dares to believe!

  2. Funny thought when a doctor "raises" someone from the dead (ie flatlined patient ...clear...paddles"... people accept it as science. Doctors do it every day.  Now, it's not the doctors doing it.. it is God and no one believes.  He created all life out of nothing... man from dust and dirt.  Raising the dead is easy for Him.  Why people find it so hard is beyond me.


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