Seekers of Truth Documentary Update

Back in January, I heard about an awesome documentary in the works entitled "Seekers of Truth." In this documentary, apologist Sean McDowell and several other prominent figures -- including Sandra Tanner, expert on Mormonism; Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason; and Brett Kunkle also of Stand to Reason; and Lenny Esposito of Come Reason Ministries --take 22 high-schoolers to Utah on a missions trip to learn about Mormonism and share their faith. One of the students included independent filmmaker and student of Sean McDowell, Matt Champagne, who is responsible for this documentary! 

Sean and the team recently returned from this trip, and another trailer was posted with a bit of extended footage (though it is basically the same as the original) AND the release date: JUNE 2011!!!

I am super excited about this documentary and I can't wait to see it! Here is the new trailer:

What do you all think?


  1. Yay! I am very excited! Can't wait to see this!!! :D

  2. Yay!!!!! I can't wait!!!! That looks awesome!! :)

  3. If you're in Southern California, we'll be doing a premiere showing of the "Seekers of Truth" documentary on May 15: Come join us!


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