What I've Been Up To...

Time has flown by, and with it have gone my blog posts... Sorry folks! But I've been up to my ears in reading. Actually, it's not required reading, but I've recently developed a new hobby/status as Bookworm! ;) Here are some books I recently ordered (reviews coming soon):

1) The Battle for the Beginning -- An excellent book by John MacArthur which chronicles the seven days of creation mentioned in Genesis. MacArthur goes into great detail about each day and its significance, showing how evolution is not plausible. I talked about it once before, but I plan to do a more in-depth review of it sometime in the future.

2) How To Keep Your Faith in an Upside Down World -- In this book, Sarah Bowling, daughter of evangelist Marylin Hickey, talks about how to revolutionize your faith. I picked it up primarily because it was on sale, and I've seen Sarah speaking on television and she is very informative and easy to understand. I have not read this one yet, but I'll be sure to post a review once I have.

3) I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist -- This book is co-written by Norman Geisler, a leading Christian apologist. I haven't read the book yet, but it aims to show proof that there is no such thing as atheism, that there is a God. I came across an excellent review of this book by an agnostic. So many of the atheists I have encountered have simply attacked every angle of evidence for God's existence no matter how compelling it may be, which is partly why I want to read this book; I've always wanted to understand the "mind" of an atheist and how to counter it from a Christian perspective. So it's wonderful to hear an agnostic say that the book has helped him. It only makes me want to read the book more.

4) Out of Mormonism -- In this book, Judy Roberts describes her life before, during, and after Mormonism. She shows just how hard life is for Mormons and how she turned her life around and became a Christian even though it was a hard decision to make. Review coming soon!

5) Red Runs the River & Exiles of Hope (its sequel) -- These are two amazing novels written by Anthony Bollback. Anthony was a missionary to China, and he now has his own ministry to help the persecuted Christians there. He is well qualified to tell what life is like for those who are attacked for their faith in Christ, and he bases a novel on the true events and people of China to give us a glimpse of that life. (I am currently reading Exiles of Hope.)

6) Secret Believers -- I recently reviewed this book, and now I finally have my own copy! It can best be described in three words: AMAZING, SOUL-SEARCHING (for me, at least), AND INSPIRING. Brother Andrew takes the same approach as Anthony by telling the story of today's persecuted Christians in the Middle East through a novel which portrays actual people, places, and events.

7) End of Reason -- Ravi Zacharias wrote this book as a Christian rebuttal to an atheist who wrote a book which turned many people away from the truth. I have heard Ravi speak, and as a former atheist himself, he is well qualified to talk on such a subject. I look forward to reading this book as well.

So there you have it, what I am up to. I figure my absence on my blog will be well rewarded with plenty of book reviews in the future!

P.S. What do you think of the new color-scheme of my blog? ;)


  1. How cool! Those sound like excellent books; sound like you have been up to some good stuff. ;) The new color scheme is cute, BTW!

  2. Woohoo! Sounds like a blast! Can I read them when you're done? ;)


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